How to make money doing product reviews on youtube

How to make money doing product reviews on youtube

How to make money doing product reviews on youtube

Welcome to my tutorial on How to make money doing product reviews on youtube also know as launch jacking.

In this training, I’m going to teach you how you can make consistent $1k+ a month using very simple strategies.

This is the way I have been doing for more than 1 year, and you can trust me, I did tons of video reviews training and I’m studying in the best affiliate marketing training program of 2020-21 that inclusively is teaching me how to launch my own products ( I did 3 launches up to now) and how to make regular  20 k a month after 3-56 months. This is the program check it here!


The Products

Where does one find products to review with the best commissions to affiliates?

I usually use either Warrior Plus, Jvzoo or Clickbank.

With Warrior Plus and Jvzoo products, you get always commissions ranging between 50%, and sometimes for the first day of the product launch, you get 100%.

These products usually are presented in Funnels with Upsells and Downsells, and If you sell all the products on the funnel you can make more than $200 per client easily.

With Clickbank, commissions depend a lot on the product itself, and  the advantage of some Clickbank products is that they work as   monthly subscriptions which means you will make recurring commissions which is the Holygrail of being an affiliate marketer.

I will be covering Clickbank prodcut reviews in another post.Let’s focus on Warrior Plus and Jvzoo!

Creating a Jvzoo and Warrior Plus Account

Ok, in order to promote these products as an affiliate and to receive commissions from the subsequent sales, you need first to create an account here. It’s very easy and they accept all people!

Just need to connect a bank account or PayPal with it,  so that they can pay you all these juicy commissions , right?

So do it here!

Warrior Plus


Requesting the Affiliate Link

So the first step is to go to a platform that will show you Warrior Plus and Jvzoo’s everyday launches.

That is Muncheye.

On that site, you get on the right column, the Warrior Plus launches and some of the most important launches are yellow highlighted.

how to make money with Youtube product reviews

From my experience, the products that  I get more sales are either software for Video edition,hosting software, email software, and apps for social networks like Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

People love to buy these kinds of programs, much more than training.

Most people are a bit dumb, looking for the magic pill software that will get you reach overnight, which is a big illusion and are lazy to follow any other trainings, even if these trainings will give you a much better chance to succeed with affiliate marketing at the mid and long term.

Hence any software that creates you amazing videos, graphics, automated posting on social networks, message bots, etc, will get many more sales.

You will get used to seeing also the top marketers there, and one of the good ways is to see how much they offer in the sales contests, top marketers offer easily from 3k to 10 k prizes.But names like Jono Armstrong, Mosh Bari, Brendan Mace, Billy Darr, Art Flair, Guy Potok, Glynn Kosky, Andrew Darius, Mario Brown, Joshua Zamora, Trevor Carr, Jason Fulton, Dawud Islam , Shawn Josiah, Ashley Parry and more, are the names you should look over for promoting their products.

So, just hit one of those products and go to the Jvpage or Jvdoc of it, on Muncheye.

Look for a button saying ‘get your affiliate link”

and that  will open up  for  you   a  Request to Promote Offer  questionnaire with only one field looking like this

In that field, I suggest you write briefly, why you want to promote that product and write the link  to your blog, Youtube Channel or how many buyers are you going to send emails to with the offer.

It always helps if you had done previous sales but if not, some people will accept you anyway.

A lot of people also record a 1 min video , of themselves asking to promote the product and presenting themselves.

This is a better way to request since top marketers see that you took the time to make a video for them

and that you are serious about promoting the product.

Don’t lie, and don’t use fake numbers, we as marketers can see pretty well, that if you never had sales, of course, it’s impossible that you have a list of 100 000 clients…

Getting the product description

Once you get your affiliate link, try to make the video at least 2 or days before the launch.

This will allow time enough for the video to get backlinks in other sites, more views, and will rank better.

The first 3 videos on your product on Google Search or Youtube, will be the ones that get more sales since people are lazy and most will not feel to scroll down the page to see other reviews. It’s why it’s so important to rank on the top 3  search positions.

So, you will need to get elements for the youtube description.

That is very easy, and you just need to Copy and Paste. You don’t need to be a genius to make a review or even to know pretty well the product.

Go either to the Sales Page of the product or Jvdoc and copy:

1-The Product Logo

2-The first bold titles, that summarizes what the program does.


3-Then copy the highlights of the product, which show usually below that first presentation on the right side.

4-Then copy some more info of the program, how it works,, what it does, what are the benefits, what’s the audience it is intended for.

This can be easily achieved by scrolling down the sales page.

Another way to get these elements, is going to the product Jvdoc.

Most of the products have there a description of what they do and are for,

Just copy all that!

So, now you have the elements to insert on the video description, and also if you are doing a blog review as I do often (here’s an example of a review of mine)  you got it all.

You can also spin the text a bit, because Google ranks better your post if you present original content.

Getting a landing page  for your product promotion

If you’re emailing your clients this offer, posting on Facebook or other social network, or if you are posting a video on Youtube, it’s always better to not use the direct link (your affiliate link).

Instead, what I usually do, is either create a blog post like this , and use the post link to email or insert that blogpost link in the youtube description.

This is a very good strategy since you are backlinking your final Youtube video review to a blog, landing page or bonus page and that will help to rank your video.

This landing page can be as well a Bonus Page

The importance of a Bonus Page.

You can always create a Bonus page.

Most part of the buyers of the program, will prefer people that offer good bonuses with the review, and sometimes people even buy the product, not for the product in itself but because the bonuses are gorgeous and unique.

Either doing a landing page or bonus page I always give 4-5 bonuses, that you can easily get also from the vendor’s Jvdoc.

All vendors usually give you access to a wide range of bonuses and will post a link to that on the JVDOC ,so just grab 4 or 5 that are related to the program benefits.

Since most of these programs on Warrior Plus and Jvzoo are not complete at the Front End or lack something that will complete them, you should always look for bonuses that complete the program.

Ex: If the program is a software that creates amazing animated videos, either offer a bonus that will drive  traffic to  them or a software that will find local businesses  for the client to whom he can sell those videos!


Creating the Bonus Page

I generally use  3 different kinds of bonus pages.

1-Either I create a post on my blog, with Thumbnails and Images of my bonuses. This is the most time-consuming way, but you get at the same time a page that will rank at Google search, and by embedding your video review there, you are also backlinking your video, and Youtube loves that.See it here.

2- I use Commission Gorilla. This is the fastest way and saves me a ton of time,

You just need to create a template there and edit it and change it for each different product/review, keeping a lot of elements, like your ”prizes banner”, your photo at the end, the buttons etc. See it here

So at the left, you just need to change the Affiliate link, and at the top, insert a good banner for your brand prizes.

Below the banner, add the info you just copied for the product description.

And you can edit now the bonuses images, or even just use the amazing bonuses that Commission Gorilla will give you for free as a member.

And at the end of the Bonus page, you just need do that once in the template, put your photo, name, site,  and relevant info on how the client can pick his bonuses on the act of purchase the product.

Get Commission Gorilla here and as you will see, you will get also my amazing bonuses! Yes, that’s the way affiliate marketing works!


3- The third way I use to create BONUSES pages and also  not so much  time consuming like doing a blog post, is to create also a template on Builderall,

See my template here!

So, you can do amazing landing pages and bonus pages like this one, with Builderall, which for me is one of the 2 best landing pages and funnel builders.

Get Builderall here, and you will get these templates of mine for free, just by sending me an email.

Making the Youtube video review.

I use Camtasia to make my videos. You have other options, like Premier Pro or  OBS, or Filmora. Check the training for both here.

When you do a review, you need to structure the review in different parts, so your viewers understand better what you want to convey.

I structure my videos in this more than proven way:

1- Saying loud in the first 10 s  your video’s title. Should be ” Product ”x” review, welcome to my Product ” x” review.

2- Product bonuses– Since most of the viewers want to see what you offer that it is different from the other reviewers, it’s better you do this at the beginning.

3-Product walkthrough and demo.Here, you just explain what the product does, benefits, walkthrough at the product dashboard ( if the vendor granted you access to it- some JVDOCS  give you access right away without any need of you to ask the vendor).

If you don’t have access to the product, you can always insert the Vendor’s Product Video Demo, which is also accessible always at the JV Doc.

Hint: Sometimes I don’t have time to make a full video review, so I just use this demo.

4-Final conclusion, your ratings. It’s always good you give a rate for the product, and be honest! People love that!

5-Front end and Funnel Upsells price. Talk about the product prices on FE and upsells. That info is available either at the JVDoc or at the JVPAGE.

6- End – Say Goodbye and thanks for watching my product ”x” review, and ask people to subscribe to your channel and give a like to your video.

So this is the best way to rank your videos.

You can study the best approaches to make video reviews, and all about technical details, editing,  ranking, and promotion at YTBUX.

YTBUX is an amazing Youtube Launch Jacking training done by me and my great fellow Lou Hornberger.

Try to use also some good graphic separators for your reviews. You can get a ton of it at YTBUX OTO 1.

This will engage more people in your videos.

Building your Video Title

You should always use the same name for the title of your video review as the name on the file for your video when uploading it to youtube, and the name for your  Video thumbnail. This is very important to rank your video.

Your title should have the name of the product as the main keyword,

So, should be  ” YTBUX Review”, or” YTBUX Review and Demo”.

Then use a second part, where you can repeat the main keyword and telling shortly the benefits, like ”Make money with Youtube YTBUX review”

These are some good examples of titles that will help you rank your video


Building your Video description

Your should structure your description as this:

1st section- 3-5 lines, repeat the title and insert a link for your bonus page.

Insert another offer of yours, like a training program or a high ticket with your affiliate link.

A good way is to insert a lead magnet to the training of yours or another marketer you promote, where you will capture your viewer’s emails, building  that way an emails list very fast

2nd section-  more 3-4 lines, you should say ”Welcome to my product ”x” review” and insert the bold titles you copied from the product sales page.

3rd section-10 to 20 lines, paste the rest of the info you gathered from the product sales page.

Now paste again the link to your bonus page.

4th section- paste the links to other youtube reviews of yours ( youtube loves that) or to some other offers of yours.

5th section-Hashtags will help you rank your videos and make your video show up in keyword searches.

As you see in the image above, there’s 3 hashtags above the title.

So always put 3 hashtags in this section of the description, and also use a link to wikipedia  with the niche of your product.

Let’s say your product is a video edition software.So just look in wikipedia for ”video” and paste:

And why that?Because Google respects a lot Wikipedia and if you can backlink your video to it, they ( google) will love it.

6th section- insert the tags for your video. A good way to get tags, is by just searching the top video that is ranking for your product and just copy those tags because they are working to show that video in 1st place, right?

Now insert again the link to your bonus page. This should appear 3 times as you see, during the video description.

7th section- Now paste a disclaimer section ( just copy this from other affiliate marketers review videos) since youtube likes that. Something like this:

”DISCLAIMER: Some of the links mentioned in the video and in the description might be affiliate links, which means that if you use it and will end up buying something, I’ll receive a small commission. These commissions help support the channel and allow me to continue to record more of these Free Training videos for you guys. Thank so much for your support!”

And finally, write something like this and paste the youtube link, that is accessible right away the moment you are uploading your video on Youtube.  ”I hope you enjoyed my ”x” review demo ♠️Stop♠️Check my $4235 bonus ♠️ ”x” review ”


See my video description here for a good typical description!



Creating an engaging Thumbnail

One thing that definitely will help rank your videos is to create a high-resolution thumbnail

Thumbnails should present ” product name review” in bold, and describe in 4-5 words what it does.

Ex: ”Make $300/day with Tiktok”, ”Get traffic from 5 viral sources”, ” Email 20k people a day” ,etc.

I create my thumbnails very easily at  Office Powerpoint.

I use also Canva,  in case you find it difficult to work with Powerpoint .and you can get it here!

It’s so easy to create thumbnails there!

Go over my youtube channel and check my thumbnails!

Use a selection of live and bright and catchy colors and use a brand or something that distinguishes you from all the other marketers.

In my case and for 6 months, I  use my top brand ” the marketer guitarist” , since I’m really a full-time musician! So, I’m sure this will make me different from all the other reviewers and people will always remind me since I also start my reviews by playing 20 seconds of a  guitar version of mine of a famous song in general!

Tool to help you ranking and save time on uploadings!

I use this tool TUBE BUDDY, which helps me to find the best keywords and titles for the video reviews I create and automates all the process of uploading videos and descriptions, tags, etc. It’s a time saver and helps your video ranking fast while showing how you can beat your competitor by showing all kinds of stats.! It’s only $4 a month!


Youtube best practices

Ok,so now that you uploaded your video on youtube, if you want to rank your video, you need to take care of some aspects that will help rank your video and improve its SEO score.

1- Create end screen and video cards .

This will show at your bottom right after you upload the video.

End screen basically is this call to actions to see other videos that show up when you are reaching the end of your video.

I usually use a ”playlist” that i previously created.

Every time you upload a video on the same niche ( in my case, ”Make money online”) I always save that video on that list. So, if I use that list as an ”end screen” , the viewer will have access to see more than 240 videos of mine that  I already created and uploaded on that playlist.

Video cards is those small notes that show up at the top of the videos while you are seeing them. Not everybody uses it, but this definitely will help rank your video.I sue those video cards of course with videos of mine.

2-Post a comment of yours in your video comments, with the link to your Bonus page, heart it and pin this comment. You can also do a 2nd comment, like I do, ” If you have any question, just comment here, we will be back to you in less than 24 hours”

With Tube Buddy, you get all this automated!


Promoting and sharing your new video reviews

Now it’s time to promote and share your video,

Go to the button ”share” below your video and share it  to Facebook, like it always, and share it to all the networks that you have an account that show up.I personally, share it at, Reddit, Tumblr, Linkedin and Twitter.

Also, get the embed code and embed it at the new done landing page, blog post or Bonus page you’ve just created!

This will help rank your video for sure since it’s backlinking the video to authority sites you might have!


Backlinking your video

And finally, try to post your video all over the internet, especially in high authority sites.

In some of those sites, you have to pay to mention your link.

I pay for  2  services that help my videos to rank a lot by submitting it to high authority sites.

The best one is definitely DFY SUITE 2.0

I made so many sales with it since it backlinks my videos to tons of high-authority site, and Youtube loves that.

Check DFY SUITE here!

I started using it in the summer of 2020, and right ways start making $500 at least every month using it!

The second one, not so good, I’m still trying to understand if it really helps, is Pingler!

It only costs $5 a month and you can backlink 50 videos.

If you want to go the free way , you have, Pingfarm for a rapid indexation of your video but surely not as effective as DFY SUITE.


Buying views and comment and subscribers

Some top marketers and reviewers use these services.

I really don’t encourage you to do that.

And why?Because Youtube is not stupid.I see a lot of people doing that, like having 10 subscribers and getting 1000 views on their videos,

Come on, how is that possible??Lolll

Also, you see some of the top rankers with tons of comments in their videos, that all look fake.

And why?Because some show up 3 days before the launch of the products, so I really don’t know how these 50 to 100 commenters got early access to the program?lolll

I don’t advise you to do this. And why?

Because I saw some of these people and some friends of mine get their Youtube accounts suspended and it’s almost impossible to recover them, I can tell you!


Making Videos without showing your face ( and if you don’t want to show your face)

A lot of days I feel lazy to show my face on camera and do all the editing of slicing up the video on post video recording.

So, this is for you, If you don’t want to show your face, you can make easily AI (artificial intelligence ) videos, using images, video clips and voice off all automated.

The best software for that, without any doubt, is VIDNAMI.

It works in very few steps.

1st Step: You just choose from a big array of templates and formats to choose.

2nd STEP- Here you will be pasting the same description you got for your video or for the Bonus page like I taught you above.

Once that is done, click the bottom right button, Create Scenes.

3rd Step- So, here the software is going to populate your video with tons of images and AI videos that fit exactly to your text ( it’s really astonishing!) and you can also upload some images of your product or some video clips. You can then edit several things, like parts of the text to bold, text position, merge scenes, add and delete scenes,etc.

4th Step- Now,  that all the video structure is complete, you can add a voice track to the video, that will be syncronized  to the text, and you can either record your voice or use one of the multiple  AI voices that are available, to read your texts. They sound very natural, and you can also shape the dynamics of how they speak and pronounce the words.

5th Step- After listening to the voice track, you should go to the next step, which is to add music or not from the  gigantic soundtrack inbuilt library.

6th Step-Now you can mix the whole video sound, setting up the proper balance between AI or your recorded voice and music.

7th Step-Now your video is done. Just have to download it! It takes 3-5 min maximum to render a 10 min video

By the way, lots of people including myself have been using also VIDNAMI to create astonishing videos for sales pages!

Get Vidnami here with my link, this will give you a 30% discount lifetime!

Getting sales with Launch Jacking?

Yes, my friend!

If you follow my steps on this post,  you will get it!
These are some of the gains I have been getting consistently over the last 365 days!





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Thanks to reading my How to make money doing product reviews on youtube 

If you want to become a master in doing product reviews and launch jacking, get ALL the details here!


My name is Pedro Madaleno and I am an online blogger and entrepreneur, as well as a well know Jazz Composer musician in Portugal.

My passion is to help other people to start their own “hustle” and improve the financial future of their families.



DISCLAIMER: Some of the links mentioned in the video and in the description might be affiliate links, which means that if you use it and will end up buying something, I’ll receive a small commission. These commissions help support the channel and allow me to continue to record more of these Free Training videos for you guys. Thank you so much for your support! Please note that results may and will vary. I cannot guarantee that you or anyone else will make any sum of money – it all depends on each person’s situation, drive, and even luck. I highly suggest you simply look into it and draw your own conclusions.


I hope you enjoyed my How to make money doing product reviews on youtube 

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