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In this article, i will explain you the benefits of signing a Builderall Business account!

I have been making an awesome extra income just with the commissions compensation plan within it.


I ‘v been able to help online entrepreneurs improve their online direct sales business but not only

increasing their own sales but to also help introduce 3 additional income streams,  1 with promoting their own products and 2 of which are totally PASSIVE and residual EVERY month.


The problem with promoting products today it has to do with many different tools you need to use.

You need a website.Unless you can yourself which means you will only need to pay for

hosting it every month or so.

To build a decent website that includes ecommerce will be around $500

PLUS hosting and Sales Funnels .

That YOU will need, have you heard of that?


So in order to AUTOMATE EPS you need additional tools like auto responders and sales funnels

which is what I’ve been using and has helped me massively increase my sales and streamline the business.


That will help promote your products and create your all-important email lists on autopilot

Click Funnels is $90 per month

Then you need an auto responder to answer email enquires

Like a service called first response.

That’s $60 per month

It’s always adding out of your pocket!

And then you have your promo costs like face book ads or solo ads.

The cost for that can vary.

BUT there are also FREE methods you can used through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter,etc.

But the downside to that is that it takes time to build up a following and generating leads is

a lot slower.



The good news is with the right approach and strategy…you can make it A LOT easier for


In terms of improving your product exposure, increasing leads.


In my case,  I had to think of something that would deal with these issues and after doing intensive

research and trialling I have found something that has grown my business and earning potential exponentially.

As  an affilate marketer,  this has been helping me a lot to get leads/sales, and with the commissions it really pays off.

It has Apps like a facebook inbox answer, an app to create apps, and an incredible Video tool for Explainer videos….but most i like is that works easy, and the compensation plan is very good.

You get also an Autoresponder email and newsletters  service where you can store 10k contacts , and you can also import them from Aweber or Getresponse…i moved mine from Get Response!


I’m a full time famous  jazz musician in my country , Portugal, and with music I can’t make  much money ,  i was

wandering and getting lost overwhelmed by the amount of info over the internet and all my dozens of paid affiliate

courses, until i found this ,and now with this strategy I am  able to earn from

1. A person signing up. Get paid 100% of the sale.

 2.Will get paid 30% EVERY month after that. AND also off that same person signs someone up I will get

30% of that persons sale EVERY month. Thats 2 levels of monthly RESIDUAL passive income.

So, even if you get only 15 people to sign in one year, this is what you can get…but i m getting 50 people every 6 months.

WHAT YOU CAN MAKE WITH JUST A FEW SALES  A YEAR ( actually some members do it a month!)


If you make just one sale, you get $49 (100% commission) from that first month and $16(30%) every following month.And if he makes 2 sales, you get $16(30%) out of those 2 clients, so, 16+16=$32 every month from his 2 clients.16from him plus 16+16=48…so, you have the platform paid every month!!But with the training  it’s supposed you make at least 10 sales a month!!

BUT the money here is in the number of clients your client will bring (TIER 2)

IF you are lucky to get a client that is very good salesman and with lots of skills on  how to promote the platform, and if he makes 100 sales after some time, you will get 100x $16 ( 30% of each of his clients monthly subscription)=$1600 every month JUST FROM THIS SINGLE CLIENT  of yours!

Also , we  do have a team working together exchanging ideas that  are new , innovative and really work.

The training inside the platform is amazing, to help you get sales and leads focusing on social platforms, Fbook and Instagram and mostly with free ads.

It’s not so expensive, and you can start having recurring commissions in autopilot very quick..With just with 1 sale you pay already the monthly fee!

Price is $49 a month..its half the price and it has many more tools than Clickfunnels, the standard platform.


I offer 1 month of tight support to my clients…i will teach you all i know!

And then you have a lovely team, they are very supportive !

We will make you a 121 call to define a strategy once you sign.




Builderall is a complete web builder, digital marketing suite that allows you to build and

host unlimited websites, all Drag and Drop and using templates.

And also you gain access to sales funnels and auto responders and you can create animation

ads, and so much more…!

And the great thing about it all is that you become an affiliate for them that if you refer other people

to the system you earn 2 levels of commission as I explained earlier!


And all that is for $49.95


Here’s some gains from mine and members of my team!

I hope you enjoyed reading my explanation of the benefits on using the  Builderall Platform!


My name is Pedro Madaleno and I am a part-time online blogger and entrepreneur, as well as a  well know  Jazz Composer musician in Portugal.

My passion is to help other people  to start their own “hustle” and improve the financial future of their families.

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